Agricultural sector

The agricultural sector revolves around the production, processing and end marketing and distribution of food. The sector is highly innovative, internationally oriented and consequently constantly in motion. This impacts on the sheer…

Business services

The business services market is fast-moving. Customers have become more critical about the quality of services, the added value and the costs. Besides creativity and greater customer intimacy, a large number of business service…


Education is also a complex field from a legal viewpoint. The days when it involved little more than the position of teaching staff are long gone. The relevant legal questions can concern different fields of law, such as labour law,

Financial sector

The financial world is currently receiving a great deal of attention in the media. The functioning of financial corporations is not only under media scrutiny, but also supervisory bodies such as the AFM (the Netherlands Authority for…


The healthcare sector is complex and changing rapidly. Quality and transparency have to meet increasingly stricter requirements that, more often than not, seem to be imposed by meddling outsiders. We have years of experience in the…

Housing Corporations

Housing corporations and corporations are set up to achieve social goals. The playing field in which these organisations operate is regulated by the government, the housing market and society. It is consequently continually changing….


Companies in the industrial sector are under continuous pressure to produce more for less, while their costs have only increased. As a result of accelerated globalisation, the whole world has become their field of operations….

Public sector

The public sector is mainly the domain of central government and other government bodies, such as local authorities and district water boards, but it also encompasses semi-public entities such as housing corporations, care institutions

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