Are you entangled in a conflict and you would like to find a mutually acceptable solution? In some instances, going to court is not the best choice. Mediation is an alternative.

Under the guidance of an impartial mediator, the parties talk to each other in order to resolve their issues. The mediator informs the parties about the relevant legal aspects and supervises the negotiation process, which focuses more on the parties’ underlying common interests instead of the viewpoints that keep them divided. The mediator allows both parties to play an active role and gives them all the space they need to use their creativity to find a settlement. Naturally, our mediation services also include accurate records of the agreements between the parties.

Mediation offers a way forward in business as well as personal conflicts. Our primary concern in this respect is to maintain the relationship between the parties.

The advantages of mediation are obvious: quick, informal and less costly than going to court. Mediation can keep relationships intact or repair them. It goes without saying that a solution that the parties mutually agree to has maximum acceptance.

Sometimes, talking is better that litigating. See our mediators further down on this page.

Business services

The business services market is fast-moving. Customers have become more critical about the quality of services, the added value and the costs. Besides creativity and greater customer intimacy, a large number of business service providers are investigating possibilities for binding customers and delivering new services using smart technology. At the same time, costs are kept under control by working more efficiently, reducing personnel, mergers between or the acquisition of similar companies.

We provide legal advice in the form of providing assistance with setting up modern corporate structures, mergers, entering into and terminating joint ventures, searching for alternative forms of financing, securities and establishing intellectual property rights on electronic services and new business models. We can also draft any documents you may require, such as shareholder, agency and joint venture agreements, and general terms and conditions of trade. We help our clients control professional risks and avoid disputes. Should you become involved in a conflict situation – inside or outside a joint venture – we would be glad to assist you and represent you in, for example, civil liability and disciplinary actions.

In the business services sector, a large number of fields of law are…

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