Private citizens and companies can have conflicting interests, but disputes can also arise between private citizens and government bodies, such as the central government, provincial and local authorities, and district water boards.

Backed by the full weight of the law

Our public sector specialists provide legal assistance in every case in which government bodies, private citizens and companies cannot agree. We have years of experience in widely ranging administrative-law and civil-law cases involving a government body. We regularly assist (semi-)public entities, but we also provide our services to companies and private citizens.

Our work can consist of advice about drafting generally binding rules, policy regulations, making decisions, instigating procedures for lodging objections and/or appeals for and against the government and drafting agreements. We also assist in project development and setting up public-law inter-institutional linkages. We are at home in every facet of zoning law, environmental law and the grey area distinguishing public and private law, including administrative damages law.

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Public sector

The public sector is mainly the domain of central government and other government bodies, such as local authorities and district water boards, but it also encompasses semi-public entities such as housing corporations, care institutions and public transport providers. The numerous tasks of the players in the public sector are extremely diverse and include, for example, activities related to spatial planning, government procurement, employment, property lease and rental, the environment, and health and welfare.

Government bodies perform social tasks that are largely regulated by law. This ensures that the way in which civilians and interest groups execute these tasks can be closely monitored. The call for transparency is becoming increasingly louder. For this reason, government bodies have to exercise great care in carrying out their assigned tasks.

We have years of experience in political-administrative relations and sensitive administrative cases, and we are consequently familiar with the world in which you have to manoeuvre. The specialists in our public sector team also work closely together in areas that include administrative law, procurement law, property law and labour law. This enables us to offer expert legal advice in respect of all public and civil law issues,…

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