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New technologies force us to think about the application of laws and regulations. What about the liability of a person who is transported by a self-driving car? Do you have employee rights as a taxi driver on a platform? And who pays which taxes? Do I finance my company by crowdfunding? What does blockchain technology have to offer my company? Can I split up my real estate and make the partial ownership tradeable by using tokens? How do I deal with a dispute concerning an IT contract? Are the new technology and privacy regulations actually going hand in hand?

These are just a few of the questions clients ask us. Questions about liability law, labour law, tax, financing and businesses, real estate, IT and privacy.

Holla Lawyers (Holla Advocaten) has a New Tech Team that consists of experienced lawyers from a variety of disciplines. The common denominator? A healthy curiosity towards – and affinity with – new technological developments.

Financial sector

The financial world is currently receiving a great deal of attention in the media. The functioning of financial corporations is not only under media scrutiny, but also supervisory bodies such as the AFM (the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) and the DNB (the Dutch central bank). Financial institutions are faced with a large amount of rapidly changing national and international regulations related to the oversight of prudential conduct and good governance. As a result of the increase in regulation, banks and insurance companies have had to reorganise and new players, such as credit unions, crowd funding platforms and investment funds, have emerged in the financial sector. This has led to an expansion in the range of different financial products.

Furthermore, because achieving economies of scale is also necessary in the financial sector to generate turnover and profitability, and because alliances offer new opportunities, mergers and takeovers regularly occur. This means that asset managers, hedge funds and investment companies will join forces more often. The challenge in this playing field is to seize new opportunities and to implement complex legislation as efficiently as possible in an organisation.

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