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If you are facing a criminal investigation as a business, institution or private individual, legal assistance is indispensable. In this type of situation, you need a partner you can count on.

Our assistance is not limited to defending you in court, but consists of intensive support throughout all the procedures. Our legal counsel should preferably be retained as soon as a criminal investigation becomes a possibility so that we can advise you and explain everything that awaits you, prepare you for interviews and work with you to review any evidence to clear your name and to devise the best defence strategy.

We not only have knowledge and experience in classic criminal law, but also especially in, for example, fraud, economic crimes and violations of environmental laws. If necessary, we like to collaborate with experts in other fields, such as tax consultants, auditors, environmental experts and psychologists.

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The healthcare sector is complex and changing rapidly. Quality and transparency have to meet increasingly stricter requirements that, more often than not, seem to be imposed by meddling outsiders. We have years of experience in the healthcare sector. We not only possess the legal knowledge, we also actually worked in the sector. Because we share the same passion for caring for and looking after people we can support you and your organisation effectively.

In the healthcare sector, legal issues in widely different fields can play a role, including for example, health law, property, liability and insurance, administrative law, labour law and corporate law. These days, healthcare cooperation, financing and quality standards (as set out in the medical code of practice) are particularly important. Because we combine our strengths in various specialisms, we can provide your organisation with tailored legal services. We can also support you in bidding for contracts, policy development, reorganisations, and setting up forms of partnership and new organisation structures.

In a sector in which so many legal aspects can play a role, we highly value a proactive approach. We are not only competent professionals, but also your business partner. You can rely on us to know your world…

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