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Holla Advocaten’s Belgian Desk is your partner for advice, mediation and support in legal procedures in Belgium and the Netherlands. We link Belgian and Dutch entrepreneurs together and we partner highly reputed Belgian law firms in Antwerp and Brussels.

We are a member of the European Law Firm (ELF), an international group practice of law firms in the European Union. We are also a member of Netlaw, an organisation of more than 500 lawyers spread throughout the Netherlands.

We act quickly and effectively. The quality of our services and providing genuine solutions for our clients are our key priorities. Holla Advocaten combines the knowledge and experience of more than 60 lawyers who are specialised in the widest possible range of fields of law.

We act for various Belgian clients and clients based in Belgium.

Holla Advocaten for you

Our lawyers who man the Belgian Desk have a special affinity with Belgium and Belgian law. Besides Dutch and English, they also speak excellent French and are accustomed to working in an international context.

Because of our in-depth expertise and experience in the differences between Dutch and Belgian law, we can support you optimally in making legal choices, such as:

  • all the pros and cons of domiciling a company in the Netherlands and selecting the best legal form;
  • setting up and negotiating contracts that offer you added value;
  • your rights when transporting and forwarding goods;
  • protection of your intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, models, licences);
  • evaluation and drafting of distribution, agency and franchise agreements;
  • liability issues (contractual and extra-contractual);
  • collecting debts on your behalf, protecting your rights and accelerated seizure orders to safeguard your position;
  • representation in and preventing disputes among shareholders;
  • terms of employment;
  • protecting your rights in property and rental transactions;
  • protecting your rights as a creditor in restructuring, bankruptcy, moratoriums, deferment of payment;
  • drafting seller-friendly general terms and conditions of trade, purchase and sale;
  • drafting properly balanced partnership/joint venture agreements.

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The lawyers

Our lawyers who man the Belgian desk speak excellent French, have a special affinity with Belgium and Belgian law and are accustomed to working in an international context.

Luuk Jonker

Luuk had his first work experience as a lawyer in Antwerp representing a multinational group of companies. From that moment on, Luuk has continued to work frequently with Belgian entrepreneurs and lawyers. Many of the cases he handles are transnational in nature. Because of this, Luuk is eminently familiar with the legal and cultural differences between Belgium and the Netherlands. Click here to view Luuk’s profile.

Délon Vielvoye

Délon grew up in the ‘border region’ and still frequently goes to Belgium. Délon regularly represents Belgian entrepreneurs and often works with Belgian lawyers. Click here to view Délon’s profile.

Alissa van Tongerloo

Alissa grew up and went to school in Belgium and is consequently familiar with the cultural differences (that exist even though the two countries are similar in so many ways) and she regularly visits Belgium. Click here to view Alissa’s profile.

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Business services

The business services market is fast-moving. Customers have become more critical about the quality of services, the added value and the costs. Besides creativity and greater customer intimacy, a large number of business service providers are investigating possibilities for binding customers and delivering new services using smart technology. At the same time, costs are kept under control by working more efficiently, reducing personnel, mergers between or the acquisition of similar companies.

We provide legal advice in the form of providing assistance with setting up modern corporate structures, mergers, entering into and terminating joint ventures, searching for alternative forms of financing, securities and establishing intellectual property rights on electronic services and new business models. We can also draft any documents you may require, such as shareholder, agency and joint venture agreements, and general terms and conditions of trade. We help our clients control professional risks and avoid disputes. Should you become involved in a conflict situation – inside or outside a joint venture – we would be glad to assist you and represent you in, for example, civil liability and disciplinary actions.

In the business services sector, a large number of fields of law are…

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Alissa van Tongerloo

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