Corporate law

As an entrepreneur, you inevitably have to deal with all kinds of legal matters from the moment you start up your business until you relinquish control and/or become involved in a merger or takeover. In the meantime, anything can happen: you might need new financing, have a dispute with your co-shareholders, or one of your customers could be declared bankrupt.

In order for you to be able to focus completely on your business, entrusting your legal affairs to experts is essential. We not only identify potential problems that you might not yet even be aware of in good time, we can draft all the agreements you need. In this way, the chance of time-consuming and costly legal proceedings is minimised. If court action is nevertheless inevitable, we have all the knowledge and expertise in house to provide you with legal assistance.

Watertight advice

As the manager of a legal entity, you have a large degree of policy freedom, which is just as well, since you cannot engage in business dealings with your hands and feet tied. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are not always aware of all the (in some instances personal) liability risks they run. Together with you, we can reduce these risks to the minimum thus enabling you to focus on what you like doing most: running your company.

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Energy and Water

The energy sector is developing at a rapid pace. Sustainability, the production of (shale) gas and decentralised power generation are, for example, important topics and companies in the sector face major challenges. How green is green and how are traditional business models evolving?

You operate at the cutting edge of serving business interests and public responsibility. We have worked with suppliers of energy and water for years.

On the supply side, we have experience with regulation, pricing and consumer protection. On the production side, we are familiar with techniques used for developing new forms of energy and problems that can arise in connection with the construction and management of networks and systems.

We assist national and regional suppliers with widely ranging legal procedures varying from the delivery of energy and shutting off power to pipe laying, damage to systems and the environment.

With respect to your operational management, we have in-depth experience with the collective bargaining agreements for water companies, energy network companies (NWb) and power generation and distribution companies (Plb). We provide fast and effective advice and assistance in disputes about terms of employment, collective bargaining agreements and…

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