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The business services market is fast-moving. Customers have become more critical about the quality of services, the added value and the costs. Besides creativity and greater customer intimacy, a large number of business service providers are investigating possibilities for binding customers and delivering new services using smart technology. At the same time, costs are kept under control by working more efficiently, reducing personnel, mergers between or the acquisition of similar companies.

We provide legal advice in the form of providing assistance with setting up modern corporate structures, mergers, entering into and terminating joint ventures, searching for alternative forms of financing, securities and establishing intellectual property rights on electronic services and new business models. We can also draft any documents you may require, such as shareholder, agency and joint venture agreements, and general terms and conditions of trade. We help our clients control professional risks and avoid disputes. Should you become involved in a conflict situation – inside or outside a joint venture – we would be glad to assist you and represent you in, for example, civil liability and disciplinary actions.

In the business services sector, a large number of fields of law are grouped together. We combine our expertise in different fields of law and our strengths in order to provide you with top-quality legal advice, to assist you actively as a consultant and sparring partner, and to help you anticipate developments in the sector.

The business services sector plays an important role in the Dutch business community. Our clientele includes service providers that carry out widely different activities, for example, accountants, civil-law notaries, architects, tax consultants, financial advisers, estate agents, insurance companies and brokers, automation companies and employment agencies.

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Banking & Finance

We oversee financing pathways for borrowers and financiers. In this respect, we take charge of producing the documents, negotiate the terms on your behalf and draft the required financing agreements and draft the securities documents. In addition, we supervise restructuring plans and can advise you about collateral. Together with you, we determine a strategy for seizure and foreclosure that takes all the commercial and legal risks into account. If negotiations unexpectedly break down or different interests are at odds, we will litigate on your behalf as a borrower, financier or receiver.

The Banking & Finance team is part of the Finance, Securities & Insolvency division. A number of lawyers in the team are regularly appointed as receiver or administrator in bankruptcy or moratorium proceedings, respectively. This means, we can provide you with optimal support if you become involved in, for example, a pre-pack, restart or asset deal.

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Holla is your strong and dependable partner for banking and finance in the Southern Netherlands. We focus on the market that involves financiers, investors, insurers, corporations, (public) institutions and advisers, such as lawyers, treasury and financial consultants and auditors, receivers,…

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