Agricultural sector

The agricultural sector revolves around the production, processing and end marketing and distribution of food. The sector is highly innovative, internationally oriented and consequently constantly in motion. This impacts on the sheer volume of regulation: it is one of the most regulated sectors in the Netherlands.

As an entrepreneur, you are confronted by all the different rules irrespective of whether your company is engaged in food processing, retail or catering. We have years of experience in the agricultural sector and we know the way through the maze of legislation and regulations blindfold. This enables us to help prevent you from losing oversight of important details.

Labour law, including specific safety and hygiene regulations, can play a prominent role. In addition, legal problems can occur in connection with the development or sale of property, such as a supermarket. You may also have to deal with zoning plans and environmental regulations. We have the knowledge in house to assist you with all these legal issues.

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Banking & Finance

We oversee financing pathways for borrowers and financiers. In this respect, we take charge of producing the documents, negotiate the terms on your behalf and draft the required financing agreements and draft the securities documents. In addition, we supervise restructuring plans and can advise you about collateral. Together with you, we determine a strategy for seizure and foreclosure that takes all the commercial and legal risks into account. If negotiations unexpectedly break down or different interests are at odds, we will litigate on your behalf as a borrower, financier or receiver.

The Banking & Finance team is part of the Finance, Securities & Insolvency division. A number of lawyers in the team are regularly appointed as receiver or administrator in bankruptcy or moratorium proceedings, respectively. This means, we can provide you with optimal support if you become involved in, for example, a pre-pack, restart or asset deal.

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