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About Rolinka Wijne, Research Office

Rolinka has worked for Holla’s Research Office since 2012. She is also a lecturer on Health Law at the University of Amsterdam, associate lawyer of the Regional Disciplinary Tribunals in Amsterdam and The Hague and deputy justice in Arnhem. She obtained her doctorate from Rotterdam’s Erasmus University with her thesis ‘Liability for Health Care-related Damage’.

In the Research Office, Rolinka concentrates on health law, liability, insurance & transport and the health & welfare sector. She has considerable experience and knowledge of civil liability law, especially regarding the victims of medical errors. She is also an expert in medical disciplinary law.

Because of her background, Rolinka is our firm’s walking encyclopaedia for legal matters related to healthcare and liability. She also publishes and gives lectures in this subject area. She enjoys passing on knowledge to others.

You would expect Rolinka to spend her free time reading a good book. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cycling outdoors past fields and meadows is her ideal way of relaxing. Cycling through mountains has made her tough. When the weather gets bad, she goes to the gym where she also gives spinning classes accompanied by a loud beat every Saturday.

Curriculum Vitae & Work experience

Holla Advocaten

Staff Member Research Office

2012 - present

University of Amsterdam

2012 - present

Regional Disciplinary Tribunal of The Hague and Amsterdam

Member-lawyer disciplinary committees
2010 - present

Beer Advocaten

2006 - 2011

The Hague District Court and Public Prosecutions Department

2001 - 2006


Grotius Law Academy

Bodily Injury

Leiden University

1993 - 1998

Extracurricular activities

Dutch Association of Health Law (VGR)




Dutch Association for the Administration of Justice


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