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About Mark van der Meijs

Mark joined Holla in 2019. He works on the Real Estate & Administration team, where he focuses on civil real estate. This is a lively and tangible area of law, where there is always something to do, according to Mark. His pragmatic attitude is very useful in this field. In addition, he has a special interest in seizure and foreclosure law. His Master’s thesis on the prejudgement attachment was published in 2018 with the title ‘Knelpunten in het opheffingskortgeding’.

During his studies in Groningen, Mark gained the necessary experience by taking part successfully in various national and international negotiation and law debating contests. In addition, he chaired both the Legal Advice Centre Groningen and the mooting society Diephuis, and he did three internships at medium to large law firms.

Mark is convinced that a solution does not always lie in a legal answer to the question, but that sometimes one has to seek a solution in the underlying interests. He finds it very satisfying to fathom out the complex interests that are part of property law. Mark is direct, curious and decisive, and his value is immediately clear to his colleagues.

If you can’t find Mark at the gym in his spare time, you’ll find him in a sushi restaurant. He finds that an evening eating sushi with friends or colleagues is guaranteed to be a relaxing experience.

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