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About Coen Verberne

Coen has worked for Holla for twenty years and has been a partner since 2004. He is an experienced lawyer in health, liability, insurance & transport and personal injury law. Coen is known as the expert in the health & welfare sector. He worked as an IC nurse at a hospital and an ambulance paramedic for eighteen years before becoming a lawyer, which explains why he can manoeuvre so easily between the medical and legal worlds.

Coen advises, among others, caregivers and institutions about the various aspects of healthcare legislation and assists them in legal proceedings. This mainly concerns cooperation and care quality, for example in disciplinary cases and proceedings involving dysfunctional caregivers. Coen has a ‘healthy dose’ of wilfulness which makes him determined to see his clients win their case in court and to make a real difference to them.

Coen is also a mediator and has the matching skills for manoeuvring around in complicated joint venture agreements.

A lawyer always has to be in good shape in and out of court, which is why Coen frequently tests his sporting limits in his free time. He also goes to Gent a couple of times a month. His knowledge of the city is second to no one.

Curriculum Vitae & Work experience

Holla Advocaten

2004 - present

Holla Advocaten

Associate lawyer
1998 - 2003

Holla Advocaten

Trainee lawyer
1995 - 1998


Grotius Law Academy

Bodily Injury

Tilburg University & Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dutch Law and Health Law
1987 - 1994

Extracurricular activities

Complaints Committee Reinier van Arkelgroep 's-Hertogenbosch


Complaints Committee Oost-Brabant Municipal Health Service (GGZ)


Dutch Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA)


Dutch Association of Health Law (VGR)


Zuidoost-Brabant Business Club


LetMe, Association of Personal Injury Mediators


Editorial Staff GZR-update


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