Jack van Beers

About Jack van Beers

Jack has worked for Holla since 2015. He belongs to our team of public sector specialists. Jack grew up as a farmer’s son in an entrepreneurial family in the quaint village of Westelbeers. Born and raised in Noord-Brabant, Jack can be described as ambitious, committed and level-headed. These traits are very useful in his practice.

At an early age, Jack found the relationship between the government on the one hand and private citizens and companies on the other of particular interest. Civic society and companies seek to develop autonomously but want to be protected at the same time. The government aims to make this all possible from above and often has to deal with complex weighing of interests. If a discussion arises concerning the government’s conduct, or that of private citizens or companies, Jack prefers to reach creative and mutually satisfactory solutions – if possible – without having to go to court. Nevertheless, Jack believes that litigation should not be shied away from when necessary.

Apart from work, Jack enjoys life to the full. He likes to take part in sports. Besides running and cycling, Jack often spends his time on or near the football pitch because he is the manager of a junior team and the captain of his own. Jack is enthusiastic about sports and work. He also likes to travel.

Curriculum Vitae & Work experience

Holla Advocaten

Company lawyer
2015 - present


Tilburg University

Constitutional and Administrative Law, Criminal Law

2009 - 2014

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